About Me

Level 3 Personal Trainer

BSc Sport Science, Loughborough

I believe a balanced lifestyle is key to being fit. My aim is to make you feel the best version of yourself whilst eating foods you love and not feel guilty about it. 

Training should be exhilarating, that's why I use a combination of boxing, HIIT and weights to reach your goals. 

Sessions are provided online or take place in Battersea Park, are COVID safe and will benefit your mental as well as your physical health. 

I also love dogs... meet Milo!

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"Without dedication you'll never start but more importantly, with routine you'll never finish"

Dan Edwards Personal Training

I’m a high energy and conscientious Personal Trainer with years of experience in Sport Science, Performance and Nutrition. My mission as your trainer is to provide you with a programme which suits your needs, in order to reach goals you never thought you could achieve. Let’s get started!


Marie Claire

December 17, 2021

"Here, we’ve racked the brains of PT Dan Edwards for his top tips for exercising in cold weather – including investing in the right kit, staying safe during darker evenings, and buddying up to keep yourself accountable. Keep scrolling"



What People Are Saying


Rosanna, 25

I have never had PT before, so I was a bit nervous. Dan is really lovely and knows all his tips from his time working with professional athletes at Loughborough and America. It's a real life saver especially during lockdown and I already feel much stronger and find myself having much more energy during the day too!


Georgia, 36

I have been training with Dan since having my first baby, and his approach and knowledge regarding how best to work to each of his client’s specific needs, is par to none. I could not be happier with my regime and the results, and would highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking to get in shape!


Caroline, 51

Dan carried out a thorough health, fitness and flexibility check on first meeting, ascertained what my aspirations were and then put together a tailored and varied exercise programme to meet my needs. His sessions are always demanding but fun – just what you need! Dan’s knowledge of Sports Science and Nutrition is excellent and he is happy to answer any questions you put his way.


Harrison, 25

"As someone that has hated the gym, Dan got me right on track and helped me fall in love with working out by going the right pace for me and helping me with short term goals to achieve bigger ones. I would 100% recommend"


Katie, 26

"I used to do group classes, but the benefit of having a PT is you can really focus on your own goals. Dan's knowledge and experience puts you in a safe pair of hands to ensure you're working in the correct form and reaping the rewards. He knows just how far to challenge you too - I always end our sessions high on endorphins!"



John, 46

I started training with Dan 8 weeks ago. 

I begun as an overweight, unfit 46 year old man with little motivation for exercise. With Dan’s assistance, creating me a nutritional eating plan, daily exercise plan and weekly one to one sessions, I am already feeling fitter, healthier, my mental health has improved and I have also seen a 1 stone weight loss. 

All this has been achieved by making minor changes to my day to day life. I feel that I am now in a position to push myself to the next level of fitness.


Vivienne, 64

“Over ten training sessions with Daniel, I have really improved my overall fitness - as well as my posture, balance and enthusiasm!

I’ve also really valued the extra support via the app - with daily personalised exercises sent to my phone at 7am!!” 

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Simon, 62

“ I was easily convinced by my daughter, also a client of Dan`s,  that I needed some professional help to get a bit fitter,  instead of stumbling around the park occasionally. Since I am now ancient, flexibility in particular is a real problem as is strength, so Dan is fixing these issues  as rapidly as old bones can take it. Benefits of doing sessions twice a week are that progress is tangible and quicker. The by product has been a gratifying weight loss, increased strength and a focus on eating a bit better and of course ……drinking less. 

Dan is mercifully tolerant of people who collapse with exhaustion under pressure and has a good sense of humour which is necessary as we flail about on the floor complaining of no power.

I would be happy to recommend Dan to any age but especially old crocks trying to stay mobile for that key Dad dancing moment"



Battersea Park, United Kingdom


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